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Fun Western Style Riding Lessons In A Beautiful Environment

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Our philosophy is that riding should be fun!
At Silver Creek Stables Riding Center, you'll learn how to ride in a natural environment –
not in a riding ring - but rather on the trails of our 73-acre farm.

We have scenic wooded trails boasting ferns, dogwoods, redbud, and large sycamore trees. Deer, cranes, and turkeys are often spotted
on our trails. Navigating the rolling hills and creek crossings on our trails help you to find your balance naturally, so there's no need to ask you to do some trumped exercises in

hopes that you will find your balance atop the horse. You'll quickly learn to control the horse to avoid bumping your knees on treesor falling behind should your horse decide to stop to graze. Instructors are always close by and available to lend assistance and ensure a safe ride.
Beginner Horseback Riding Lessons
Beginners aren't expected to know anything about riding. During the first hour, the students will learn how to groom the horse, tack up, and mount properly.

During the remainder of their lesson, students will learn to control the horse using their hands, legs, and voice. We’ll show them how to maintain their balance using their legs and the correct posture.
Intermediate Horseback Riding Lessons
At the intermediate level, students are expected to be able to tack up on their own, mount and dismount without assistance, and canter comfortably.
Advanced Horseback Riding Lessons
Advanced riders should be able to ride more difficult trails and handle more spirited horses.
But most of all, we'll teach you how to ride so you can enjoy the thrill of horseback riding!
Rates for Horseback Riding Lessons
We give 1-hour and 2-hour riding lessons. Regardless of whether you choose the 1-hour or 2-hour the first hour is spent doing groundwork: grooming, bridling and saddling, and watching the riding instructor demonstrate how to ride.

1-Hour Lesson - $45/person
2-Hour Lesson - $85/person
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Horse Back Riding Liability Release forms
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