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Jack says - Lets Go Horseback Riding! So Relaxing, So Much Fun!

Silver Creeks Stables Trail Riding Center llc. is a Horseback Riding Facility offering one hour guided trail rides. Guests are invited to experience the serenity of a beautiful relaxing ride by the waters edge, through 73 acres or wooded trails and fields on horseback. Before we hit the trails, riders will be provided helmuts and a brief riding class on horseback.

 Trail Riders At Silver Creek  

Trail Riding Rates
The first hour costs $75 per person for the 1-hour ride. Reservations should be made in advance. Please be courteous to call and let us know if you are unable to attend your scheduled ride.

Horse Back riding at Silver Creek Stables

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Silver Creek Trail Ride

Located 3 miles off State Route 68 on Waynesville Jamestown Rd.

• 18 years old or older to ride. 
• Wear a Cowboy Type Boot
• No Sandals, Flip Flops or Shorts
• Wear a comfortable shirt and pants
• Weight limit is 200lbs
What happens if it Rains?
If it rains, you can simply reschedule.
There are no refunds on Schedule Rides.
If your Scheduled and Dont Show - NO Refunds.

Horse Back Riding Liability Release Forms

You may print this off and bring the form with you or you may fill it out on site.

 Horse back Riding Release

Make the Most of Your Horseback Riding Adventure
Feel free to bring bottled water and/or cameras with you. We recommend you wear long pants and closed toed boots, (like a cowboy boot). Pants are recommended. We will have you complete a Release Liability Form, collect the balance of your payment. We will Introduce you to your horse, help you to mount up, adjust your stirrups, and make sure your saddles are tight and give you a brief riding lesson before we hit the trails. There is no need to arrive in advance of your scheduled ride time. We simply want to make you aware that it takes time for us to get you ready to ride, so you will be here longer than 1 hour. In any case, your ride doesn't officially begin until everyone is mounted and the horses leave the barn headed for the trail.
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You might even get a kiss at the end of the trail...

Horse Kisses


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3160 Waynesville Jamestown Road • Xenia, Ohio

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